An Intro to Programming & Analysis (PA)




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    Paola Placko

    If someone can help me to understand this
    When they are asking about net and gross area, if we are talking about an efficiency of 75% , I understand that to net will be 75% and gross 100%
    But if it is the 25% net/gross if I know net, Do I have to multiply 1.25xnet=gross? I know this is basic math but I am bit confused with the concept

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    Chad Bard

    The scale factor when going net to gross is 100 (%) divided by the efficiency (%). In this case, 100 / 75 = 1.333333. Net x 1.33333 = gross

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    Alexandra Schrader

    I tried this page on a couple of different browsers and the video would not work. If others are experience this issue, can you please fix?

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    Charles Link (Edited )

    @ Alexandra:

    Doesn't work for me either. But the video is available on youtube. it's part of the NCARB Prep Series.

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