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    Brett Bowers

    It appears that the AIA now directs users to embedded samples of its contract documents - meaning they can no longer be searched, saved via PDF, and/or printed for study. That's incredibly unfortunate. However, it appears that previously linked PDF versions do still show up in web search results. Simply search "AIA B101 sample," for example. I suggest going ahead and downloading a copy of every document listed in NCARB's ARE Guidelines before they are potentially taken down.

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    Mitch Avitt

    Thank you for your information - that is such a bummer - but I suppose I understand. 

    I will take your advice and get a head start!

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    Benjamin Northrup

    Thank you, Matthew. Today (Jan 15, 2023), I was able to find and download sample PDF copies of the AIA contracts easily online. All came from the AIA, and they are all searchable.

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