Selecting Project Delivery Method: Driving Factors



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    Elena Echarri Myers (Edited )

    Hello! Hope all is well. 

    To answer your question, no. They will not ask you for the overly specific like that. The graph in the handbook is only so helpful and they will not ask directly referring to that. Do not use that as your only resource!

    The reality of it is that most questions will be phrased as scenarios, and they will tell you specifically what a client is looking for (low cost, minimizing risk, or a fast-track schedule) and then you will have to select what the best answer would be. 

    When studying for the practice delivery methods, I would restrain from memorization. The questions asked in the exam will seem easy if you have an in-depth understanding of what each method provides. 


    Hope this helps! -E

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    Rajan Karmacharya

    I had created a table summarizing all the Characteristics of Project Delivery Methods. Just wanted to share it with you guys...

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