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    James Martzahl

    ^^^^^ This, 100%

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    Alexis Petre

    Having now used the practice white board, I think it's as bad as we imagined. You cannot hold shift down to create a straight line. The whiteboard does not stay open when you go from question to question. The whiteboard overlaps the questions and answer selections - WHY is this not a split screen view??

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    Helen Rose Hassett

    Dear NCARB,

    I tried the whiteboard tool for a couple of minutes and it does not compare to scratch paper in any way. The board needs to ask themselves what was their intent in allowing candidates the use of scratch paper. I believe that if they are honest with themselves about this, they could not support this new tool.

    I thought about listing the many aspects of the whiteboard tool that are not functioning correctly, but making a list implies that this is something that is fixable. It is not. Please do not let the tail wag the dog on this one NCARB. Please address the need for scratch paper through online proctoring, their must be more then one solution here.


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