Allowable Area: Frontage and Sprinklers



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    Hannah Breedlove

    Hi, first time commenting! I'm taking this exam on Monday and just came across this video today that explains this very well.

    I hope I'm understanding your question correctly, but my understanding is that the equation you use is going to depend on the scenario of your project or case studio and will be defined according to scenario in IBC Chapter 5 (I think section 506.2). So it will depend on occupancy, construction type, use, etc. The example they use in this video is for use group M and is type 2A construction, but in my experience it was still helpful in understanding the process behind this calculation and where to look. 

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    Isabeau Guglielmo

    Thank you for the response! That video was very helpful! I think I was getting confused because I was referencing some outdated sources that used a separate formula for the sprinkler increase but now it is combined all into one formula.

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