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    Erik Fendik (Edited )

    Thank you Joan you for this update. I am under the impression that Prometric testing centers in Canadian locations have offered ARE 5.0 in the past (see comments in https://are5community.ncarb.org/hc/en-us/community/posts/115007928708-Prometric-International-Locations).


    Since this more recent list does not include any Canadian locations, can you please confirm that Toronto, Ontario, Canada is still included?


    If you can update the original post, perhaps you can simply list "Canada, multiple locations" to clear up any confusion future users might have. This particular post is featured as the first "featured post" in the community topics (https://are5community.ncarb.org/hc/en-us/community/topics). Thanks for the clarification.

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    Joan NCARB


    The best way to determine the Prometric test centers currently delivering the ARE is to access the Prometric scheduler through your NCARB record then enter the location in which you'd like to test.  

    The ARE is currently delivered in Ontario in Toronto, Pointe-Claire, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Ottawa.  It is also delivered in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina (Saskatchewan), Dartmouth (Nova Scotia), Winnipeg (Manitoba), St. John's (Newfoundland), and Saskatoon (Saskatchewan).

    As of this week, the ARE is also being delivered in Switzerland.  In addition to the international test centers listed on this community previously, this rounds out NCARB's international list. 

    It is always best to use the Prometric scheduler through your NCARB record to access the list of available test centers.  Keep in mind, all Prometric test centers do not offer professional exams, so simply accessing a list of Prometric test centers elsewhere won't necessarily give you the answers you need.  In addition, if a test center closes, it will no longer be available on the Prometric scheduler.

    I hope this helps.  



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    Erik Fendik (Edited )

    Hi Joan,

    Yes, this helps. Thank you.

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    Eric Dempsey

    Hong Kong testing center unavailable.  


    Hi all,

    It seems now the Hong Kong testing center is unavailable.  See attached screen shot.  I called Prometric and they were unable to provide any info or confirmation.  They recommended contacting NCARB.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I'm reading a few posts from people complaining about the speed and connectivity in the Hong Kong testing center.  Perhaps they've gone offline until the problems are resolved?  


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    Eric Dempsey

    The HK testing center is back online.  Seems the Prometric website had a bug momentarily.  I was able to book my exam no issue.  

    Happy to report I passed the ARE5.0 Project Management test.  The system did shut down 4 times throughout the test.  Rebooting sacrificed some precious time...  Not sure if this problem is unique to the HK testing center.  I was just barely able to complete the last question before the clock ran out.  

    On to the next test!  Feeling, PcM, PjM, and CE all pair well together.  

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