NCARB process after final Exam


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    Iris Ma (Edited )

    For me this is what happened:

    1. Passed the last exam and record was transmitted automatically by NCARB.
    2. I received an email from New York State Board for Architecture asking me to update my work experience (i.e. "Form 1", the form was attached in the email to me) and email back to them. I had to itemize all my work experience. It explicitly said "do not write refer to NCARB record".
    3. The state board checked the work experience against their requirement (different from NCARB's requirement) and told me how much additional experience was required (5 months for me). The checking took about 6 weeks.
    4. Once the required additional experience is completed, supervisor needs to email the state board "Form 4".
    5. I don't know what happens next yet. I can report back in 5 months.

    About forms and fee -- in order to be eligible to sit for the exams I submitted New York State Application for Licensure Form 1 and a fee of $377. This happened before I took any exams. After passing the exams I had to update Form 1 as mentioned above and haven't had to pay any other fee (yet).

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