Proprietary Specification in PPD practice exam.



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    Valerie D-S (Edited )

    You are correct that "Roof Membrane" is not a proprietary spec. This is why this question is tricky (I also got it incorrect the first time I came across it on the practice exam). I understand the key here is that "...the client has not yet decided on the materials for the building envelope." In order to avoid revisions in the future, it is better to keep the spec generic. This will allow the contractor to provide an allowance for this item. This way, the contractor knows that there will be some sort of roof membrane on the project and will provide some loose estimate accordingly. When the client decides what they want to do, the allowance can be tightened up to reflect the actual specified material. This could happen before contract award via bid RFI or after contract award by RFI/ASI and a subsequent change order to update the contract cost.

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    David Bowen

    Ah, I see. Yes, I would assume as much as well, but I feel paranoid about the test and what they are asking. 

    I think the 'even though the client has not yet decided' part made me think it still needs to be proprietary as a placeholder, which is commonly done in practice.

    Thanks for the response.


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