What is the official NCARB stance of PV Panel Angles?


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    Hans-Christian Karlberg (Edited )

    From Sun, Wind, Light: Architectural Design Strategies. p.246

    Photovoltaic cells (PVs) convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity. Like any solar collection surface, photovoltaics collect more sun when oriented properly. A true equator-facing orientation maximizes yield. Orient solar collection surfaces within 30° of south (N in SH). At higher latitudes, winter yield will be significantly reduced for non-south orientation (non-N in SH). At tropical latitudes, because the sun is high, tilt can be more important than orientation [see ROOMS FACING THE SUN AND WIND].

    Maximize production with Recommended PV Tilts at an angle above horizontal as follows: winter, latitude plus 15°; summer, latitude minus 15°; annual production, equal to the site's latitude. For PV sizing, see details in PHOTOVOLTAIC WALLS AND ROOFS.

    Collectors may be mounted on flat or sloping roofs, or on south-facing walls. Vertical mounting will reduce out- put substantially, especially at lower latitudes and in summer, when the sun is at a higher altitude angle.

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