New Code Enacted after Permit issuance but prior to construction



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    Amin Mendez (Edited )

    Based on this scenario the project has already been permitted, therefore already gone through the AHJ’s review process for compliance.  Usually there is a grace period before a new code is enacted. Typically projects submitted for review before a new code goes into effect or have already been in the review/queue process when the new code went into effect are held to the previous codes min. standard.  This transition of when which version of the code are enforced is the decision of the particular AHJ.    The architect’s responsibility is to meet or exceed the min. standards of the codes set forth by that particular jurisdiction. The architect proceeds with construction as the project is code compliant based on the AHJ review and approval of applicable codes.

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    Yulin Peng

    Thank you for your answer!!! This is very helpful.

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