changing venue to PSI



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    Seher Hashmi

    So far, I can't even find a date with PSI. Everything is a couple of hours away from where I live. And I live in Orlando, which is a big city. 


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    Jessica Harter

    I also had a poor experience compared to Prometric. Besides the fact that my exam wouldn't start and I waited while PSI staff called customer service, the location I was in had the same problems. Prometric always called and reminded me of the appointment, then would call again the morning of and let me know if I could come early. At the PSI location, I could hear everything going on outside of the room and staff routinely kept coming in the room and talking loudly on speaker phone. They also had no way of seeing us in the exam room from the check-in office (only one staff member), so anytime something went wrong you'd have to just get up and leave the exam room to find someone. The Prometric location was very well run and right now I'm very disappointed with the switch to PSI, at least in our locations. 

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