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    Joseph Kraus

    I took my (hopefully final) ARE exam thru PSI yesterday and I was not impressed with PSI either.

    I took (and passed) the other 5 divisions with Prometric via online proctoring and while Prometric had it's issues early on with online testing, they seemed to get their process down in the last few months.  The last 3 exams I took with Prometric were problem free from a technology and check-in/online proctoring standpoint.  Now it seems we have gone backwards with PSI.  

    Regarding moving your lips, I was specifically told in the Prometric exams that I COULD move my lips, but not to speak aloud.  The only warning I ever received during an exam was for accidently covering my mouth with my hand, which I sometimes do in live when I'm reading or thinking/concentrating (I'll rest my chin in my hand and sometimes that covers my lips).  The proctor startled me when they chimed in unexpectedly and asked me not to cover my mouth, but otherwise there were no adverse affects, as I passed that exam.

    However I think maybe the PSI proctors are not fully aware of the ARE exam rules.  For instance I was told to remove the 2 tissues I had on my desk during check-in, which were allowed under the Prometric proctored exams but were verified as being blank during the check-in. 

    I had some inconsistencies with Prometric as well, for instance they once they told me I needed 2 forms of government issued ID during check-in, which thankfully I had & was able to get.  I'm not sure what the deal was with that, but maybe they were looking at the requirements for a different exam accidently. 

    I guess all I can say is hopefully PSI will get better with time, but frankly I was not impressed with the change to PSI so far either.  Good luck on your exams.  

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    Hi Leila,

    To ensure the reliability and validity of ARE divisions delivered utilizing online proctoring, PSI proctors adhere to strict security protocols while observing testers. In the case of moving your lips or covering your mouth, this could be perceived as talking or whispering to someone within your testing space, which is a major security issue for both NCARB and PSI.

    If a proctor detects any behaviors that could be security issues, they will inform you of this, similar to what you experienced during your test run. We can assure you that warnings have no impact on your exam score or the grading of the exam. In most situations, a proctor will not terminate your exam without issuing multiple warnings. If a candidate is observed cheating (referencing a book, looking at notes, browsing the internet, etc.) in any form, their exam will be immediately terminated without a warning. 

    Finally, we appreciate your feedback regarding the proctor not being knowledgeable or able to answer your questions. We are going to follow up with PSI directly to ensure all their proctors are equipped and prepared to answer candidate questions during online exams. Thanks again for this information! 


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