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    Matthew Bowers

    I took a minute to look for a source suggesting that 10% is a desirable limit for pedestrian walks and can't find anything. The section titled "Pedestrian Walkways" in chapter 5 of the Site Planning and Design Handbook (pg. 122) supports your conclusion of 5% being the maximum recommended longitudinal slope for walkways. Table 7.4 (pg. 231) also appears to contradict the answer...suggesting that planted slopes should not exceed 10% (but I've seen other sources use higher figures, closer to 50%).

    In any event, I agree with you and wouldn't worry too much about this one. If it's any consolation, I never came across a question this specific about recommended slopes on any exam. You should just become generally familiar with these ranges. The exception, however, is when it relates to ADA/universal design. It is worthwhile to memorize figures related to ramps, landings, curb cuts, stairs, handrails, etc.

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