🤷🏽 Stack Vent vs. Vent Stack 🤔



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    Renee Sasson

    Hey Jethro!

    To simplify it, a stack vent is the main vent line that most of your fixtures will connect to. 

    The vent stack is a separate line that will either connect back to the stack vent at the top, or it will vent directly outside.

    If you look at this site:


    Click on "show solution" by question 6 and there is a very helpful diagram.


    I used to get the most confused trying to remember which is which, but it helped me to just look at the first word- "stack vent" is more stack than vent, and "vent stack" is the opposite.


    I'm no plumber but I think that's the gist of it. Hope it helps! GL

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    Desiree Guastella Currie


    Jethro Rebollar, I was on a similarly frustrating adventure last week re: stack vents and vent stacks. I wanted to add to Renee Sasson's message above bc this diagram helped me a lot. A friend of mine shared his trick for remembering: "I try to focus on the first word. A vent stack is a vent first and foremost".

    Hope this helps!

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    Jethro Rebollar

    Thanks Renee Sasson and Desiree Guastella Currie !!

    My buddy who's a plumber also got back to me saying: "The stack vent is just the part that comes out the roof. A vent stack is a vertical vent that gives air circulation to a drainage system" — Though your guys's first word mnemonic might serve more useful.🧠

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