Which phase impacts the architect-consultant's relationship the most


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    Garrett VanRoekel

    All of the design phases will impact the architect-consultant relationship to a different degrees. I assume when you say "relationship" you mean the instruments of service performed by the consultant. I think this question is not clearly stated because the "impact" is also not being defined. Changes in the later phase have the most financial impact and early changes have the most impact on coordination and effort. From my perspective this question is far too vague to be able to answer with any certainty. 


    The CA phase will see the highest likelihood that a claim is filed against the architect. This makes sense because prior to CA the whole project only exists on paper. Once things start to become tangible there will be more cause for concern amongst the parties. As an Architect you will want to be present during CA to provide clarity during this crucial phase of the project's life. This is why it's important to remain involved in the project until substantial completion and beyond. 


    I'm sure someone else has an even better answer for both of your questions, but this is how I view these issues.

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