CE pass - thoughts (very laggy Case Studies)



  • Thank you Nicholas for sharing your experience. I'm taking CE in two days and I'm especially worried about the site/field analysis questions. I recently passed PcM and PjM so feel pretty confident about the contracts, bidding procedures etc. I've been studying some detail drawings but real life photos are a little challenging because I don't always know how things are supposed to look in photos. Do you have any last minute words of wisdom to cover that area? And what do you think the percentage of those questions were in the exam?

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    Madeline Amhurst

    I agree with OP. The case studies actually did crash my exam, three times from the amount of additional data. My exam time ended up being 45 minutes over the allowed time due to technical errors. The drawings are difficult to read so you have to zoom in which makes it difficult to quickly compare necessary information. I ended up running out of time altogether on the case analysis portion, not being able to answer a few. I left over an hour to complete these.

    The rest of the exam was as predicted, and I felt the ARE practice exam was a good indication of those questions. The case study was much harder and as I said - involved.

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