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    Maimouna Sow

    Hi, what did you use to study the basics of ADA and Construction details?

    my exam is in 4 days. I need something quick that sumarizes masonry details lol


    -Mouna Sow

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    Cindy Maleike

    Hi Mouna! for construction details I had the chance to work on reformatting the standard details library in my office so that gave me exposure to a wide range of construction details for different divisions. I would recommend Building Construction Illustrated or Architectural Graphic Standards as a source. But if books aren't available, having access to a set of construction drawings for a job where new construction is needed, like a new bldg or an addition, would provide you with typical details for divisions 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, among others.

    For ADA, the ICC A117.1-2009 is a good starting point to look at for min clearances for doors, toilets, site. Someone else posted on this same discussion topic the links listed below. they are ADA flashcards and a website for typical construction details:




     I hope it helps! and good luck on your exam!

    Cindy M.

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