Outline specs at SD or DD phase



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    Matthew Bowers
    1. Per B101, outline specifications are a basic service of the DD phase. For the SD phase (prior to outline specifications), a narrative describing the major materials and systems to be used is typically incorporated in the SD deliverables. This is referred to as the narrative specification, and would only contain information related to systems and materials in their most basic detail.
      In addition to B101, refer to AHPP 662 & 956
    2. For traditional DBB projects, the CD phase is longest; this aligns with the typical fee allocation of about 40% - whereas SD only accounts for about 15%.
      Refer to figure 10.20 on AHPP 649
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    Prajakta Dabhade

    Thank you Matthew. That was my understanding too but a few study guides state otherwise. Appreciate your quick turnaround.

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