PCM pass- Thank you Architect Exam Prep (Eric and David)



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    Elsa Contreras

    I am strongly considering getting a one on one tutoring from them. When did you schedule? was it closer to your exam date? or at the beginning of your studies? 

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    Dalia Nori

    Hi Elsa,

    yes, highly recommended the one on one. I wish I was subscribed earlier. I didn’t know about their coaching program before, and honestly I tried different third party resources and didn’t work for me, then I found The Architect Exam prep and also I found they have coaching program. Although I was scheduled for my exam already, however I scheduled one on one to see how this program work and that was two weeks before my exam. I cannot tell how much this helped me and I wish I was on this program earlier. They will help you and give a great direction about studying and mindset to be ready for the exam. After I passed the PCM, I subscribed for the platinum coaching and so happy to do this. Highly appreciated David’s and Eric’s help and they really made a great effort in the studying package and the program in total. So back to your question, the early you subscribe the best result for you. I hope this help. Good luck and hopefully will see you in our study group with David and Eric. 


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