Renewable Energy Sources



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    Rebekka O'Melia

    Is this a trick question?

    Both would technically.

    But if I have to pick one over the other, I'd say geothermal used for heating.  You wouldn't be burning (as much) gas or oil. 

    PV panels create electricity.  But the power grid could be supplying clean electricity created by hydro-power or pv panels anyway.  And a development doesn't emit greenhouse gases when it uses electricity anyhow.

    Hope that helps!

    Rebekka O'Melia, Registered Architect, NCARB, B. Arch, M. Ed, Step UP,  Step UP ARE 5.0 Courses

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    Kirill Ryadchenko (Edited )

    Thanks, Rebekka O'Melia
    There is no trick. It's a question I've encountered in Black Spectacles.

    The way the question is phrased I would assume that project has to use either Photovoltaic or Geothermal energy sources. There are no options for combination. Hence heating and power should be sourced from the PV array or Geothermal plant.
    Since PV array is feasible to a project as small as 1 house.
    And while Geothermal powerplant produces energy with a quarter of greenhouse emissions that of PV array, it requires deep drilling and with the smallest possible size will produce 1MW, therefore not feasible for "Small Development".

    But Black Spectacles realized that the phrasing of the question is frustrating and they will change it. However in anticipation of tricky questions on ARE I wanted to know the opinion of the community.

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