There is no availability date for both In-person and on-line at Prometric.



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    Hi Sachiko,

    The scheduler with Prometric is only open until May 31st. Appointments should be available with Prometric in February, March, April, and May. If no appointments are populating within the scheduler, you may need to adjust your search criteria (location or date range). You can only search a two-week window within a single search.

    If you continue to experience issues with scheduling, please reach out to NCARB's Customer Relations team.

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    Brett Bowers

    Sachiko, see my recent post about having similar issues here.

    The situation with scheduling at the moment is atrocious - it's definitely not related to a problem on your end. The issue lies squarely on the shoulders of NCARB and Prometric.

    In my large metro area, I'm not seeing any in-person availability for at least 7 weeks out. For online, the soonest availability I've been seeing is 3-4 weeks out, but frequently only in the middle of the night.

    There really is no excuse, and NCARB's failure to address the issue is disappointing.

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    Kirill Ryadchenko


    I've started my last proctored exam at 8 pm and ended it at Midnight. That's happening because of Prometric outsourcing proctors from South Asia and accommodating proctors time. 
    There are time slots available on the Prometrics website that starts at Midnight, so the PPD or PDD exam will be done by 4 am PST.

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    sachiko masaki

    I contacted NCARB customer service, and got response as below.


    "Please do not schedule any exams past May 31st and please review our web page for updates on the PSI transition.  I also reviewed your rolling clock and your Project Management 5.0 will not expire until 10/26/2024.

    If you have any additional questions or comments you can reach Customer Service at our Contact Us Page."

    This does not help at all....   I don't have any hope...maybe I should schedule with the site out of the county.

    I really want to have any relief measurements from NCARB since the changing test center was made by NCARB decision, not us.  

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    Brett Bowers (Edited )

    Of course, they deflect and suggest it's your fault that no appointments are available, since you're forced to look beyond a certain date. Still not even addressing the issue.

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