Mortar Types



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    Joseph Petrarca

    Remember, there's mortar this than meets the eye.

    Int the field, it's a process of trowel and error.

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    Lemara Miftakhova Morrell (Edited )

    building fundamentals resource

    olins construction book


    Which is more preferred due to greater plasticity/workability?
    Hi! I have memorized the Mason Works, but I never get this answer right. In a few materials now, N and S are very confusing. S is stronger laterally but different sources priorities lateral load differently one says its for outside for wind pressure another for interior because lateral forces on interior. Which one should I go with when going into the exam? What I'm gathering is that N can be used sometimes as exterior but mostly interior, but S primarily being used on the exterior.  So, why would this answer be incorrect? Any thoughts?
    Also, I missed another variation of this question that asked for workability of the hydrated lime, my understanding here also weaker the mortar the more workability. There were two options, N and S, and I picked N as being more workable, but I was also wrong again.  This topic different textbook contradicting each other. I would love some feedback. Thank you.

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