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    Valerie Galchenko (Edited )

    Supplemental Services are services that are not included as Basic Services but are identified as the architect's responsibility at the time the agreement is executed (i.e. included in contract). These Supplemental Services are to be paid in addition to the Basic Services, are not part of the Architect’s Basic Services, and are not provided unless designated in the Supplemental Services Table.

    Additional Services are services that may arise as the project proceeds and are intended to be used for unforeseen changes, while Supplemental Services are intended for services that are foreseeable at the commencement of the Project, but are not typically included in the Architect’s Basic Services Fee. 

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    Rebekka O'Melia

    Additional Services are required by a change in facts or circumstances.  The owner's schedule changes, project scope changes, a code change, etc.  There's a fee for these.

    Supplemental Services are things like programming, landscape design, a post-occupancy evaluation, FF+E design, etc that a client can ask for and add on to their Basic Services.  These cost extra too, but are not a required part of the arch project.

    For this exam you need to read the contracts. This answer is taken from:  the B101, Owner - Architect agreement.  You need detailed knowledge of it for PjM.  Read it.  Take notes on it.  Article 4 is Supplemental & Additional Services.

    Hope this helps!

    Rebekka O'Melia, Registered Architect, NCARB, B. Arch, M. Ed, Step UP, Step UP ARE 5.0 Courses

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