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    Susan Anderson

    I am 30 years removed from a classroom and I used Elif Bayram's practice tests for PDD and PPD and felt they prepared me well.  That's the only study aid I used for those two tests.  Her annotated answers are where I learned the things I did not know.  She walks you through every step of a problem and/or explains the answer.  She covers a lot of material and I found the cost reasonable. 

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    Meldia Hacobian

    Check out the ARE tab to see notes on different building systems formatted graphically on 8.5x11 sheets

    Architecture Exam Notes - Arc Infographics

    Test taking was one of my biggest weaknesses but after taking and failing the architecture exams a few times, my perspective on the subject changed. I learned that everyone needs to find their approach to digesting the information, and I found that the best way for me is an organized and graphical representation of the material. 

    While studying for PPD and PDD, I created detailed diagrammatic notes on the contents of the exam using multiple sources including, but not limited to, Amber book, David Doucette's ARE Prep, Building Construction Illustrated, Building Code Illustrated, Architect's Studio Companion, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Plumbing, Electricity, Acoustics and more. 

    To digest and organize the information, I found that graphically translating the material would connect the information both visually and mentally. My memory no longer needed to shuffle all the information coming through, but instead was able to construct the connections between each concept. 

    My classmates found my notes extremely beneficial once some knowledge was already established regarding the content of the exam. It helped teach, double check, and reinforce their knowledge on multiple subjects as they studied through the months, and was a well-rounded resource to review prior to taking the exam. I spent months organizing and reorganizing these notes, not only for my benefit, but for those who are in the same boat, trying to obtain their architecture license. 


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    Devina Parbhoo (Edited )

    Don't give up! You can do it! In my opinion, PPD and PDD are the most difficult exams so don't get discouraged. I made a YouTube channel to help others navigate the resources for these exams.

    The videos cover all of the study materials and a sample study schedule I used in order to pass the exam in two months. Check it out here and be sure to Subscribe so you don't miss out on any future videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOl17gIUWCM


    Devina | Exam Coach

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