Prometric Remote Exams after Jan 30th?


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    Sean Engle

    And, of course, this post can now be disregarded - as this (below) came one day after my having posted this (and paid $40 to Prometric to move my test date):  




    Dear Sean,

    In this issue: NCARB is updating the migration to PSI timeline and making more appointments available with Prometric through May 2022.

    As we prepare to migrate the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) delivery from Prometric to PSI, NCARB is conducting extensive user testing to enhance your exam experience and ensure the ARE runs as smoothly as possible.

    A recent round of testing revealed that PSI’s systems are not yet optimized for ARE candidates, so NCARB has decided to modify the migration timeline while we work with PSI to ensure the exam’s delivery meets our delivery expectations for you.


    Additional Prometric Appointment Availability

    The adjusted timeline for PSI migration will not impact your exam progress.

    On Friday, October 29, Prometric will open up both onsite and online appointments for February and March of 2022 for ARE candidates. Prometric appointments for the months of April and May will become available later next week. You can continue preparing for and taking exams as normal. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to move an existing appointment from Prometric’s testing network to PSI’s network, and any appointments scheduled with Prometric can’t be canceled or refunded.


    PSI Migration Timeline

    NCARB will provide a minimum of three months’ notice prior to the launch date with PSI. After all systems successfully complete testing, we will announce the official launch date. You can expect to hear more information regarding the PSI migration timeline in early 2022.




    Pilot Testing With PSI

    To ensure operational pilot testing is ready for candidates, NCARB must adjust the timeline for the operational pilot with PSI, which was initially expected to take place in late 2021. NCARB will release an updated timeline for pilot testing, as well as more information about how you can participate, in early 2022.



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    Architectural Registration Boards

    1401 H Street NW Suite 500
    Washington, DC, 20005




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