Passed PPD second try



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    Rebekka O'Melia (Edited )

    Chris - I remember you now!  You are not a customer of mine at all, but I helped you solve a moment equation when nobody else did.  See pic below.

    I would love to know who or what prompted you to come into this forum and mention amber book repeatedly while you are using my free PjM/PcM course AND you also got free individual help from me when nobody else knew the answer.

    I will warn folks AGAIN, that incentivizing customers to post in this forum without disclosing it is illegal. 

    Have a nice day Mike!

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    Rebekka O'Melia

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    Christopher Boucher

    Rebekka, Can you please remove my Facebook profile picture from this post please. With all due respect, it’s not reasonable to cite every person who had input on or answered a question I posted to a Facebook group as I am part of a few of them. As for the PJM/PCM course, I’m not even studying either of those right now so if I do follow your study guide for pcm (I already passed pjm in July), I’ll for sure give Step Up it’s due credit. If you have a problem with who I feel or what I give credit to helping me pass, please send me a direct message, not air your grievances on a public forum.

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