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    Rajan Karmacharya


    I was also disconnected from my exams. Looks like it is quite common during the online exam. First time it happened (while I was giving my CE), I panicked and tried to contact (call) proproctor customer service immediately but since my phone was switched off and in another room, I wasted a lot of time trying to resolve the issue myself. It took me almost 2 hours to get hold of them was really exhausted at the end of the process. Eventually that exam got cancelled and I was given the NCARB credit but now I have to wait another 2 months (since I had already seen most of the questions) to give it again.

    I then researched online to figure out an effective way to resolve this issue. I found another way (this was also what I did when I got disconnected the second time it happened to me):

    1. Note the "Error Code" that shows up on your screen when you get disconnected (eg. BB02010). This will only stay on you screen for few seconds so remember this (since you won't have anything to note with). This will be helpful to talk to the technical support and troubleshoot the issue asap.

    2. Restart your computer immediately. Do not waste any time trying to troubleshoot the issue yourself. You don't want to waste your mental energy to figure out the problem and finding its solution (like I did). You need to save that for your exams. Usually the problem will be on their end so don't sweat it.

    3. Reconnect to the proprotor like you did the first time. You will have to go through the same security process again and when you are through the security, let your protor know that your exam was just disconnected. Usually your exam clock gets paused automatically and you will be able to resume your exams from where you left off.

    * if the above step does not work, and you need to talk to a human. I have saved the following contact information on my desktop sticky notes so that if I have any problem, I can troubleshoot the issue with minimum effort.

    Tech Support
    (make sure to get ticket number to track your issue)

    Testing Accommodations
    1-800-789-9947 (Ext. 3)
    M-F 8am-6pm (EST)

    Hope this helps and all the best for your upcoming exams.


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    Dione Sonnier

    Rajan -  What a terrible experience for you as well!    I was at an in-person testing center... I guess my only upside is my test never started, so I can re-schedule at any time. 

    There were other non-NCARB testers in the center, taking their exams.  I later found out the three of them got kicked off  their test...and one guy had two question  left.    

    Emotionally exhausting all the way around.

    After this experience, I have considered trying the on-line proctoring.   I greatly appreciate you sharing the  technical information you found helpful.  ( I will screen-capture just in case.)

    Best of luck on your re-take!  As many of our peers have told us, it is not a matter of "if " we will pass, but "when".  

    (...and perseverance takes a lot of perseverance!)

    ~ dione



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