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    Gabriel Reyes

    Hi Yue,

    Individual or isolated footings would be good for this because they can bear on the sandy lean clay. Sand is not good for shallow foundations because it has high permeability and the water affect this foundation. I believe the best foundation for sand is a pile foundation. 

    For the pantry occupancy, I could not find it on code but I think it has something to do with tables and a bar being in that space. Also, you can have an accessory space without separation if the space is less than 10% of the main occupancy.

    The stack effect can exhaust by natural convection, where hot air rises and cold air stays at lower level. I think that in order for the stack effect to work in this environment the outdoor air has to be cooler than the inside air. For this hot arid climate, exterior shading is good, dark color is bad, light colors is good, and vented openings may be good for the wind to cool down building. 

    I am also studying for PA, hope this helps. 


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