Walking the ARE Practice Exam - Architect's Liability for Mistakes



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    Susan Anderson

    In this scenario I would assume the hardware has not been ordered as the comment about non-compliance came from the supplier, and their shop drawings and hardware submittals would have to be approved before an actual order could take place.  A supplier would not likely prepare submittals for something they knew was non-compliant.

    The architect will pay the difference,whether it includes return and restocking fees or not.  You will know by the info in the question whether costs have already been incurred.  If you were being asked to calculate the cost of an error like this, you'd want to pay attention to any invoice or anything that might be used as an exhibit, because things like return/restocking fees are probably going to be up to you to find.

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    Haytham Abdelrahman Abdelall

    Since the project would require to install the ADA compliant hardware ( $ 2 X ) and the architect specified ordinary hardware  ( $ 1 X ), the owner shall pay for the differences ( $ 1 X ) and the architect will pay for the all the fee incurred due to the mistake like shipping and handling of the new hardware but not the hardware itself. This is the idea of betterment. So, the correct answer should be " Owner " not " Architect "

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