Radically change your study habits and crush the ARE


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    Mark Baker

    #1 - It is important to not feel discouraged or depressed about "how much I did not get to study."  - You could get to everything, but if you waited until you did, you would probably never take the exams.

    #2 - So much of learning is about doing what fits for you individually.  I had to study 1 or 2 hours at night and 4 to 8 hours every weekend. 

    #3 - We think practice quizzes are SUPER IMPORTANT.  It's what we built our study method on.  Quizzing ourselves and each other whenever we had time.  Be it focused 5 question, short 10 question, or full on practice exam type sessions.

    #4 - My thing though - is ITS NOT ABOUT MEMORIZING the practice test answers to get to 80%.  you need to read deeper into the answers and UNDERSTAND why a thing is right or wrong.  (This will especially help you not to get tripped up by trick answers on the actual exams).

    Personally, podcasts and audio books are not helpful to me for learning.  These are the things that put me to sleep.  But I know that they work for a TON of people. 

    Great information in your post!

    Mark, Archizam - ARE 5.0 Practice Exams


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