Digital Whiteboard and Testing Functions


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    Jessica Garcia

    Hi Eric! I tested two days ago, here's what I remember -

    1a. I was able to zoom on documents related to case studies. I did not attempt to zoom on content for non-case study questions. though. Thankfully everything was sized well enough for me to read.

    1b. I don't specifically remember trying to copy information from questions to the whiteboard, but I know I tried to copy some of the answer choices to my whiteboard without success.

    2. I was able to edit the text once I typed it, but it was laggy or would sometimes trigger a new text box on top of the one I was trying to edit. 

    The whiteboard feature is pretty terrible considering what we pay to NCARB in annual and exam fees. The pen and eraser features lag, its hard to use, its hard to move and resize in the testing window. Try to be patient with it and move very slowly and with intention. It can't think as fast as us, unfortunately. Understand that using the whiteboard is going to cost you some time. It might be best to save those questions for later if its going to require a lot of whiteboard work.

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