Remote Proctoring and why you shouldn't do it.



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    Gabrielle Serriere (Edited )

    Nikita - thanks for sharing. Hmm. I'm signed up for PDD remote proctor next week July 29. I really hope I don't run into this. If it's due to the PDFs, is everyone running into it? Waiting 2 months to retake in this case, is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE in my opinion... I would escalate that higher if at all possible - you probably have tried. I had major technical difficulties during an exam in the test center a few years back, with ZERO understanding and help by prometric or ncarb afterwards on my many phone calls. Why should we be paying money and dedicating our lives to studying for these kinds of situations?

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    Nikita Kumar

    Hi Gabrielle,

    I also gave my PDD exam on July 7th at home via remote proctor and it went well except when you have to wait 30  mins for them to match a proctor.

    Since your exam is on July 29th I would call NCARB and ask them to change it to in-person because the disadvantage of home proctor is far greater than the benefits of giving it at home.

    I literally had a standstill in my life to be able to give these two exams together and to wait another 2 months is UNACCEPTABLE and I know I should escalate this matter. But I don't have the time to call NCARB and stay on the line for hours with them and NCARB knows this very well. I have quite literally scheduled hours next week that I will  dedicate to calling them and writing to them next week.

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