PcM Pass - here's what I did.



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    Kevin Griendling

    Great write up HCK!

    One definitely needs to pay special to attention to what exactly the question is asking. Focused reading the entire time! It can be exhausting which is why the mental and physical conditioning (the pre-exam ritual) is so important.

    And yes! Throw the money away. For those who are not familiar with the context, I advise candidates to get over the mental block behind their money concerns. If one were to go into the exam with the attitude of "This is going to cost me $230 for nothing if I don't pass." you will be hindered by that worry. So accept that it's already gone, and likewise that some will be gone for "nothing." along the way (because it is not truly nothing, you've learned more about the exam and become a better architect already).


    Good luck on your other exams!

    Kevin Griendling, AIA



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    Hans-Christian Karlberg

    Thanks Kevin!

    I really appreciate your lectures. Thank you so much for putting that together!

    Your explanation and diagram on the "correct" way to calculate profit was worth a cubic yard of densely compacted hugs. Eternally grateful.


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    Roman Buha

    Hey Hans-Christian,

    That is exactly the info I was looking for!
    So happy to find this post!

    Thank you for all the references.

    And congratulations on passing your exam!


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