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    Christopher Hopstock

    Hi Mana - 

    The most important sentence in this question is 'the owner would like to know the cost of the project up front'.  In cost plus fee and fast track, the cost is not known up front.  With fixed-price contracts (better known as stipulated sum), the cost is determined at contract signing and therefore the cost is known up front (of course, exclusive of change orders).

    There's also an important test-taking strategy here - options A and B are the same delivery method, one with GMP and one without.  Therefore, for either A or B to be correct, whether or not a GMP exists would need to be key to answering the question.  Since a GMP doesn't provide the costs up front (it provides a maximum cost, but not the actual cost) and doesn't help to avoid haggling over the costs of material, I'd eliminate both of these answers, which turns this question into a 50/50.  Then, if you know that fast track typically incurs higher costs due to the compressed schedule and higher likelihood of errors, you can eliminate that as well and land on C as the correct answer.

    This strategy is always helpful whenever you see two options that are very similar.  As you can see from the above, you can work through this question (and many others) through the process of elimination.

    Chris Hopstock RA
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    Mana Ikebe

    this was very helpful! also the strategy... Thank you Chris- thankfully got a pass!

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