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    Yvette Louka

    For me the correct  answer is D. This is very confusing.

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    Mark Baker

    Bar Charts represent the LENGTH OF TIME a project task will take.

    Bar charts can be generally arranged on a weekly schedule chart.

    However, even if bar charts look sequential - they DO NOT SHOW the RELATIONSHIP between one tasks bar and another tasks bar.  I.e. there is no connection between the items. 

    For example, ceiling grid must be installed before light fixtures are installed.  A bar chart will show ceiling grid taking 4 weeks and below that light fixtures taking 2 weeks.  But there is nothing to indicate that ceiling grid has to be complete before light fixtures are installed, or that light fixtures occur in any relation to the ceiling grid.  Would be better shown with graphics of course.

    Mark, Archizam - ARE 5.0 Practice Exams

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