Prometric Test Center Power Outage




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    Hope you're staying warm and safe!  Prometric will contact you if the test center is closed due to inclement weather. However, based on developing circumstances in Texas we recommend not attending the exam if you don’t receive a call. NCARB and Prometric will partner to issue a seat credit and new eligibility to reschedule. This ordinarily takes about 7-10 business days.

    You can reach out to NCARB Customer Service if you have additional questions specific to your circumstances.

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    Maxine Kraft

    I’m in Austin, same situation. Scheduled for Friday 2/19. I also kept getting voicemail full from the local Prometric. After 45 minutes on hold with Prometric Candidate Care, they confirmed that my test center is still open (which is insane to me given the conditions - how do they even have power?? And the roads are extremely unsafe, how are we expected to get there?) and was able to reschedule thankfully  

    NCARB, if this was your recommendation to not attend the test regardless of Prometric closing, it would have been very helpful for all Texas testers who had an appointment this week to receive a notice from you. I tried calling Prometric yesterday and day before and was on long hold times which was draining my precious cell battery (we have power outages) so I had to hang up, and if a simple email could have answered that for us, it would have saved a lot of time. I was under the assumption that I would have to go on Friday since it was within the 4 business days of no cancellation. The situation down here is very dire...

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