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    Hi Eric,

    Great questions, I'll try to answer them all here:
    1. Monitor size: 19" is a recommendation, not a requirement, based on the design of the exam.  You may use a smaller monitor, but be prepared for additional scrolling in the exam window.  

    2. Television: yes, you could connect your laptop to a tv using a standard HDMI cable.  Your laptop lid will need to be closed, and you will need to have a separate webcam, keyboard, and mouse.  

    3. Dual monitors: this means your laptop lid is open and also connected to an external monitor; or your laptop lid is closed and it's connected to two external monitors.  Both options are prohibited, whether you're using "duplicate view" or "extend view", and regardless of the screen brightness.  If you launched ProProctor with either setup, the software will select one monitor for you (typically the laptop) and disable the 2nd monitor.  So for that reason, you'll want to close your laptop lid ahead of time so the external monitor (or tv) is the default screen.

    You can test out these setups ahead of time in the Demo Exam (to see what the exam would be like on different screen sizes) and in a free test run appointment (to see what would happen with ProProctor).  

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