Mezzanine enclosure requirements - IBC 2015 Question



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    David Kaplan


    You're missing several exceptions to the mezzanine enclosure requirement that are provided in the Code.  Check IBC 505.2.3, that will answer your question.  Not sure why you only copied the text of Exception #3 in your question.

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    Somaya Etemadmoghadam (Edited )

    Thanks David for your response. 

    I realized instead of exception #1, I copied the wrong exception that didn't apply to my question. My apology!

    Considering all exceptions mentioned on 505.2.3., my question is specifically about relationship of occupant load and closing off the mezzanine. I need to make sure I read it right.

    Disregarding other requirements and exceptions, does the exception 1 on referenced code mean if occupant load is below 10, we can enclose the mezzanine?


    I hope I make better sense this time and thanks for your time

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