What in the World is NCARB doing?!



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    Julia De Vito

    Hi Kenneth,

    The change was made in order to create the same testing rules both for the in-person and online-proctored exams, since everyone now during the break can have access to study materials and cell phones.

    The break time extension has been extended (which I am so thankful for because 15 minutes were stressful to manage with the check out and check in process!), and you can take as many breaks you want within that time frame, and are not limited to just one break. 

    This changes testing strategies for sure, but it's still possible to budget time to check un-answered questions before taking the break. You can think of dividing the exam in sections and focusing on a section at a time on each side of a break.

    There is hope :)

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    Lamour Hudson

    It doesn't matter how many breaks you take, you can't go back as Kenneth mention. I was also disappointed with this change because I prefer to go in-person, so that I do have to deal with the online setup. Sometimes a step away from the screen allows you to clear your mind and come back to questions you wanted to re-check later.

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    James Martzahl

    Don't take the break. Just push through it so you can go back to earlier questions if needed. If 2020 has taught us anything about NCARB, its that NCARB does not make rational decisions when it comes to testing. 

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