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    David Kaplan

    Congrats!!  Enjoy being done!

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    Gang Chen

    Congratulations! This is a major milestone in your architectural career.

    Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (

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    Joseph Petrarca

    Congratulations. Must be an excellent feeling.  I hope to be in the Passed and Done club tomorrow afternoon.

    I will add  couple of resources I found incredibly helpful on PPD and PDD.

    Ben Norkin's HYPERFIBE course (one course for both PPD and PDD)

    I would say if you only have $40 to spend...spend it on Hyperfine.

    The questions are exactly in the ballpark of the actual exam questions.

    It's really important to understand the level of detail the ARE is at.  If you read the entire're going way too deep.

    Ben does a series of 9 weeks of assignment...each week being about six or seven topics...questions, and very detailed answers.  Ben also has videos on many of the answers as well- which are very good.  Also, in his homework, he includes various links to sources where you can go learn about the topic.  He also does a pack for the Case Studies which is a small additional charge.  I highly recommend it as there are almost no resources that deal with the Case Studies.

    the second resource I can't say enough about is Elif Bayram's

    She puts together packages for each division.

    Each package contains TWELVE quizzes with I think 20 questions each.

    And..Two full tests with 120 questions each. 

    The questions are VERY similar to actual ARE questions.

    She has drag and drop, fill in the blank (number), multiple choice, etc. It VERY realistically mimics the ARE.

    She also includes some explanation for the correct/incorrect answers.

    The quizzes and the exams are scored at the end.

    The exam also runs a timer if you are tying to gauge your speed.

    Again, about $40.  Incredible value,


    Lastly, for PDD...Architectural Detailing, by Allen/Rand.  This softcover book goes through various topics in a systematic way and describes the essential principles behind the details so you understand why something is being done a certain way.  The drawings and explanations are just right.  I personally think that most of the stuff in Graphic Standards is overdone.  There's too much complexity and sheer volume of stuff to be able to use it effectively as a resource.

    I have been an architectural detailer in an office for over 20 years and I found this book extremely helpful.


    Again, congratulations on the Pass, Audrey!

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    Christopher Boucher

    Late congrats, Audrey!

    I'm taking PDD on Sept 20th. Did you read the whole Building Construction Illustrated and Building Codes Illustrated as well or just specific chapters? 

    I'm just spinning my wheels a bit to see what resources I need to study for this exam exactly.


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    Audrey Bertrand

    Hi Christopher! Yes I read Building Code and Building Construction from cover to back... I think these are easy books to read. I skipped the last couple chapters of Building Construction (about finishes and stuff) and maybe very specific chapter of Building Code (like high rise building). Questions in the exam are not as specific. The Building Code is a good one to have at the office. If you only buy one, I will recommend this one because it will be more useful in the future. Good luck !!

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    Matthew Rodgers

    Audrey, congratulations on your success.   I passed PPD on first attempt, studied Ballast from PA - parts of PDD, Studio companion, and a construction detail book my mom gave me for Christmas.   I also looked at some black spectacles and hyperfine videos, did designer hacks and PPI's practice exams.  Only about 25% of the material from this was on PPD.  Since you studied very similar content, will there be much of it from PDD?  


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