structural definitions (Mc, My, Dt, IQ, Ib etc)



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    Mark Baker


    You're getting too deep again.

    Do you have the Ballast ARE 5.0 Review Manual? IT has a great summary of all the terms / definitions at the top of the page.  Each section of the study materials has a topic.  The terms and definitions listed in that section are for the section. 


    formulas needed for the exam will be provided on the exam. 

    Are you actually testing, or are you just "studying" and stressing about "the future" when you will or may take the exam?

    Mark, Archizam

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    Jonathan Chertok

    hi mark,
    thanks for the reply here. i just checked ballast (good idea). but no definition for VQ, Mc, D (or Dt) or Ib.
    they do define I as moment of inertia and b as the width of the base of a rectangular section. i wonder if someone can confirm In is the gri multiplied together. OR the other factual questions here.
    personally i don’t understand this notion that somehow you have an equation for a reference but you don’t understand the actual terms in the equation - while at the same time you are supposed to know the general concepts? i mean we can discuss this off the forum perhaps but this way of thinking makes no sense to me.
    also the idea that you have references in other disciplines that supply on the units and not the variables seems to me to be especially bizarre. at least in the structures se ruin you are provided the variables. and also /some/ of the definitions for the variables. why no one is interested in the rest of the variable definitions in the structural se ruin i find hard to fathom.
    maybe all you need to know is in youtube videos and searching google.

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