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    Tabitha Russell

    Hi Tia! 


    1. If the owner requests a bid bond, yes the bond is required to be considered a responsive bid. 
    2. Correct, late bids are thrown out normally, for sure on public projects. As far as the test is concerned, I feel like once a bidder is considered non-responsible for any reason you should disregard their bid unless the question states a reason to do otherwise. 
    3. The GC pays the surety a premium type fee like insurance for a bid bond. They frequently put this premium in their base bid. If the GC were to back out and not go under contract the surety would pay the difference between the lowest and next lowest bidder so that the owner can enter a contract for what was the lowest bid. The bid bond would really only come in to play if the GC decides not to enter the contract after being the lowest bidder. If the owner doesn't chose them it doesn't matter. The owner can chose a bidder higher than the lowest on public projects when they have other factors in the decision such as references, personnel etc. This is a "value-based decision."
    4. Most public projects will use this. A private could as well. Bid bonds are really up to the discretion of the owner. I don't think they would use them in anything that isn't competitively bid though. 

    I hope this helps! Good luck! 

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    Christina Fu

    Hi Tabitha!

    Thank you so much for your comments.  This is super helpful.  

    All my work experiences have been in the private/residential sector and have never cross path the issue of Bid Bond with the GCs. 

    Thank you!

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    Gang Chen (Edited )

    Does this mean that if the owner rejects the lowest bidder, and if the owner has a Bid Bond between him and the lowest bidder,  owner needs to pay the lowest bidder the difference between the lowest and the next one up for not hiring that GC?

    Answer: No, the owner can select any of the bids or reject all bids per AIA doc.

    Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (

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