ARE 5.0 Digital Whiteboard- Neither fair nor rational!



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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Sanaz,

    I want to assure you that your voice is heard, along with others who post on this Community or on the NCARB blog. We read all posts, and are always open to feedback from candidates.  

    As mentioned in a previous post, NCARB's decision to move to the digital whiteboard was not taken lightly. We considered feedback from licensing boards, architects, assessment experts (psychometricians), and licensure candidates when making this decision. We also have architects employed at NCARB, so we do understand the importance of sketching within the practice of architecture. 

    Regarding consistency between online and in-person exams, candidates must have a consistent exam experience regardless of test delivery. That means we can't provide scratch paper to candidates testing in-person but not to those testing online.

    Again, we do appreciate your concern and feedback. 


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    Sharon Harvey

    I totally agree, paper should be allowed at the exam centers!

    I don't have a second to loose in PDD (nor did I for PA or PPD), for writing something on a whiteboard. Already loading errors caused so much stress. My neighbor testing candidates would watch me circling my hand in the air coaxing the computer to load. At least now with a mask on in the center I can curse into it when it flashes 'LOADING' for more than 5 seconds.

    If I had a touch screen computer I might see some fairness about the white board, but for the incredible outcry against it and the way NCARB has handled it, I think it is just another way to hinder people from passing, and for NCARB to just keep earning money from candidates.

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