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    Mark Baker


    In case you have not seen similar posts about memorizing references verse being provided with them.

    NCARB will provide you references that relate to the question that is being asked.  The case study will generally include a IBC section that contains A LOT of information, and you need to be able to understand what information specifically you are looking for to apply.  You generally will not be provided with the entire IBC, just parts and pieces that may be applicable to the questions at hand.

    As far as memorizing certain topics.  There are specific numbers that do not change that can be memorized.  Things like minimum wheelchair turning radius, door widths, hallway lengths, stair and hall width requirements, etc.  AND YET - SOME OF THESE HAVE EXCEPTIONS THAT CHANGE THEM.  So while memorizing easy recall facts (that will save you from having to refer to the exhibits) be aware that situations change these.

    Now that I said that.  I have MANY TIMES in my exam process, thought that I knew the answer, and then had extra time, and read the provided code references and found that I had used the wrong number or classification or something of that sort.

    So, NCARB will provide general reference material for your use in the case studies.  I recommend taking the time to read through it and find the actual answer you are looking for.  And I would say that 2 or 3 of the answers in the case studies will be directly answered in the provided references. 

    This applies mostly to the case studies.  I do not have a good answer about memorizing for the multiple choice questions.

    Mark, Archizam

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