asking or suggesting specific chapters in specific books?


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    Mark Baker

    Jonathon - not speaking for NCARB here but

    I am pretty sure that if you find yourself telling someone the question or answers to a given question on the exam that's a violation.  If you sentence starts with "My question was...."  or "I had a question where..." those might be violations.  If you are concerned that you are revealing questions or answers to the exam, be safe and do not pass on that information.

    If you tell someone, I had a ton of questions that Chapter X of Book Y describes, that is not a violation.

    I feel confident telling you that you have to read MOST of the Architects Handbook of Professional Practice for the PcM exam.  And that Building Construction Illustrated describes a solid amount of the PDD test.  The AIA contracts make up a good portion of CE.  etc. 

    NCARB tells you the books the tests are based on in the Handbook.  Recommending chapters is not a violation either as it is focused studying.  However, highlighting a specific sentence in a chapter of a book and telling them to memorize this is likely a violation. 

    It also likely will not help the other person, as there are different test versions, people learn differently, and I promise you these tests are not about memorizing facts.  They are about understanding, application, analysis, and evaluation.  You have to know more than just the fact, you have to understand how the fact is used / applied.

    Mark, Archizam


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