Getting ready to start testing, last week suggestions? (Online Proctoring)



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    Michael Riscica

    Approach studying for the ARE as an opportunity to become a learn how to become a great Architect. It will make this process much more enjoyable and it will change the rest of your life.

    That's my best advice.

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    Mark Baker

    You took the Amber Book Course - you should be prepared!  I think - I don't know I did not go that route.

    My advice not knowing your testing timeline - Take the first half of the week to think of all the things that you are unsure of.  Like topics you know exist but can not seem to nail down.  Write down everything you think you know about them.  AND THEN REVIEW and see how it compares.  This will help you iron out the missing information.

    Take the second half of the week (three days before the exam) to let your brain decompress and absorb all the information.  Do not in-depth study or read new material.  Be confident in yourself.  You made a huge investment in the amber book course, and be confident it was worth it and that you will pass!

    I know a good resource for practice exams if you end up looking for one.


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