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    Lauren Sanchez

    Hi Madeline,

    I just took PA last Friday as a lefty and I can assure you that many of your concerns are valid. It was extremely difficult to draw or take quick notes in Whiteboard. During the test, I ended up mostly using the Text function because anything I tried to sketch was illegible and pretty useless, and anything using shapes, etc. was way too time consuming. That meant just visualizing buildable lot area, etc. instead of having a 2-second sketch I was able to refer to. I would recommend being strategic and answering as many "quick" questions first, then go back to the more tedious ones--you may find that you have enough time to use shapes and text for questions that require a drawing. I opted out of taking a break so I could have the freedom to revisit all my questions at the end and found that helpful. One other annoying thing: Whiteboard did not save anything from question to question. Hopefully this bug is resolved by the time you take your test though. 

    As for you trying to decide which operation will be less intuitive, left-handed mousing vs. right, I would open up the demo exam or Microsoft paint (the literal equivalent of Whiteboard lol) and see which one feels more comfortable to use. I found that learning to use my left hand was even more of a distraction. 

    Best of luck!

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