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    Veronica Ruiz

    Hi Eoin,


    The term Building Envelope also refers to the area of a lot limited by setbacks, and sometimes it also defines max buildable heights. 

    Below is a link to the zoning code of the Town of Hillsborough in CA as an example of this:

    Take a look at the following chapter / section: 17.28.010 - Building envelope.


    hope this helps!

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    Mark Baker

    This is a helpful note.

    Building Envelope Area - can mean:

    The actual BUILT building walls floors and roof that compose the entire building

    The POTENTIAL area that can legally be built upon on a site


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    Kirill Ryadchenko

    Eoin Byrne I know the question in Black Spectacle you're talking about. It's a case study one of a villa on top of a hill. I got confused by this question as well. In that question they call "Building Envelope" what is actually a footprint of the building. I also started calculating an area of an envelope of a building. I think it is wrong use of term. In my 5 years of practice I never saw a footprint of a building being called an area of an envelope. Area of an envelope is a sum of all areas of exterior walls. So I'm with you on that one.

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