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    Susan Anderson

    You really think NCARB is interested in constructive criticism?  You must be new here.

    You are up in the night.  Sorry.  They care about making money, not licensing architects. Architects use pencil and paper to work, NOT digital whiteboards, that IS the fundamental discussion, not one to be ignored.

    If they had an ounce of integrity they would have the 80 volunteer architects who are going to establish the new cut scores take the test with digital whiteboard.  But they won't because it's absurd to ask architects to work with a mouse and some crummy,untested, software.   I don't even think these evaluators know what changes have been made.  I can assure you Nick, while  collecting his $400k a year (that's where your money goes, look at those salaries) has never used a digital whiteboard to take a single note, do a single sketch, or run some math.  If he had integrity we'd see his desk with one tiny monitor and the digital whiteboard, no pencil or pen in sight.  But again, we keep acting like this is an organization with integrity, when it's become quite apparent they don't.possess enough to override their egos.

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