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    Hans-Christian Karlberg

    I'm using Archiprep, as a supplement to:

    AHPP, Ballast/ PPI (exam review book and the mock exam book), Griendling on Pluralsight. I'm borrowing other books from friends (MEEB, Law for Architects, Small Architecture Firm, Graphic Standards).

    My experience with Archiprep is that it is a fun way to time yourself when answering questions, and test your knowledge on the material. The format of tracking your confidence level linked with the study plan is actually a handy tool, because, at least for me, it helps me realise quickly where my knowledge falls short and where I need to cross reference with other material. In other words, I would not rely on it as the sole resource for your studies or as the only place where you tryout mock quizes. I have a friend who passed the exams solely by using Ballast. I doubt they would have passed if they only used Archiprep. I find that Ballast comes closer to or is harder than the questions on exam day. I've come to enjoy Archiprep, oddly enough. The user friendliness of the interface is what the NCARB exam should be in the future. You get the sense that it was designed by a young architect and a young web developer over a couple of beers around a campfire.

    Is it worth it? This is my personal opinion, so take it with a pinch of salt. If you plan to complete your exams in 2 years and are paying monthly over the two years, you might want to consider using the service with intervals. If you condense the test taking schedule to 6 months or less, then I'd say a monthly payment is worth it. It is only supplemental and not a necessity.

    Hope that helps.

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    Michael Riscica

    No, I don't think ArchiPrep is worth what they are charging for it, let alone the cost of joining the AIA just to use ArchiPrep. 

    If your looking for practice exams check out: Designer Hacks, WeARE, Hyperfine,, PPI Learning hub, Walking The ARE..

    All of those resources are very well done and are available at a FRACTION of the cost of ArchiPrep and joining the AIA. 


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